Read this guide if you want the inside scoop on the best Ponta Delgada restaurants and what to eat when you’re there.  Also, get restaurant recommendations for all of São Miguel Island and see the restaurants on an interactive Goole Map!

Most São Miguel restaurants are in Ponta Delgada, which is why we suggest staying at least a couple days in Ponta Delgada unless you really want to get away from people. But if you’re out for a hike or hot spring visit, or you take our suggestion and stay a night in Furnas, read on for restaurant recommendations across São Miguel Island, in addition to the best Ponta Delgada restaurants.  Also get a list of tips for each meal (like most Ponta Delgada restaurants are closed on Sundays) and must try dishes at the end of this guide.

If you want to see reviews of  all the restaurants  and to see all the restaurants on a Google Map, then click here.  Or check out the Travel Honey São Miguel itinerary for a day-by-day guide or if you don’t have time for trip research or just want to make sure you get the ultimate insiders experience, then check out Travel Honey Trips to discover the Azores!


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Ponta Delgada is the largest city in the Azores and home to the majority of the  restaurants on São Miguel Island.  Although there are a few high rise hotels and apartment buildings, most of Ponta Delgada’s streets are lined with charming, historic 2-3 floor buildings.   You’ll also find the most variety and innovation at Ponta Delgada restaurants, so if you want to try different culinary styles, save your traditional Portuguese meals for when you eat outside Ponta Delgada.

The main square in Ponta Delgada is around Igreja Matriz De São Sebastião (the big church, you can’t miss it!). Everything is walkable from the church.  Just to the south of the church is the harbor, where you’ll get wonderful views.  TIP: The restaurants near the harbor tend to not be as high quality and are the most touristy.  So grab a drink by the water then head into the city for a tasty dinner. Just don’t be surprised when restaurants and bars are empty early, pre-dinner drinks aren’t really a thing. You’ll find more people out and about at 11pm than at 7pm.  You’ll also find Ponta Delgada restaurants the busy at 9pm, and later on Saturdays.

Below is a list of tasty Ponta Delgada restaurants – some are good for snack or drink before dinner while others we recommend as a meal. Except for the places we suggest for lunch or a snack, you’ll need to make reservations if it’s a weekend or if it’s the summer.  If you want to see all the restaurants on a map and get a link to an album of restaurant photos, it’s included with the Travel Honey 7-Day São Miguel itinerary.  You’ll also get a day-by-day guide to best activities and hotels.  Or if you still need an overview of the Azores islands, start here


Otaka ($$$)

Tasquinha Vieira ($$$)

Restaurante Bar Colegio 27 ($$$)

Boca de Cena ($$)

A Tasca ($$)

Rotas da Ilha Verde ($$)

Big 21 ($$)

Burgundy Bistro ($$)

Casa da Rosa ($$)

Reserva Bar ($$)

Restaurante São Pedro ($$)

Forneria São Dinis ($$)

Cais da Sardinha ($$)

Restaurante Alcides ($$)

Casa Marisca ($$)

Gastrónomo ($$)

O Galego ($$)

Taberna Acor ($$)

Mercearia São Pedro Wine & Tapas ($)

3/4 Café ($)

Mane Cigano ($)

Natur Frozen Yogurt ($)

Louvre Michaelense ($)

Mercado da Graca ($)

O Rei Dos Queijos ($)


São Roque is just outside Ponta Delgada to the east along the beach, so it’s a good option if you want to be near, but not in Ponta Delgada.

Cais 20 ($$$)

Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar ($$)

Beach Bar ($$)


Furnas is charming town about a 45 minute drive east of Ponta Delgada.  It’s known for its hot springs and strikingly green crater lake.  If you’re going to São Miguel Island for more than two nights, spend one night in Furnas.  Stay at one of the two awesome design inspired hotels; they each have one of São Miguel’s top restaurants.

Terra Nostra Garden Restaurant ($$$)

A Terra Fornaria ($$$)


Ribeira Grande is on the north coast and is a smaller version of Ponta Delgada. The town itself has less selection and more traditional options compared to Ponta Delgada restaurants. But around Ribeira Grande, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in São Miguel.

Areais Restaurant @ Santa Barbara Eco Resort, Sao Miguel

Areais ($$$)

Quinta dos Sabores Restaurant ($$$)

Restaurante da Associacao Agricola de São Miguel ($$)

Tukatula Bar  ($$)

4 Platanos  ($$)

Santa Barbara Eco Resort Beach Bar ($$)


O Chocolatinho ($)


If you’re visiting São Miguel Island for the first time, seeing Sete Cidades (the green and blue side-by-side crater lakes) is a must.  Sete Cidades is also the name of the town where the lakes are located. Sete Cidades restaurants largely cater to tourists so try Mosteiros to get more off-the-beaten-path.  You’ll also be rewarded to beautiful views on your drive to Mosteiros.

Restaurante Lagoa Azul ($$)

O Americo ($)

Restaurante Gazcidla ($)

O Poejo Tea House ($)


There are not many restaurant options in the northeast of São Miguel Island but Nordeste is your best bet if you’re in the area.

Restaurante Tronqueira ($$)

O Forno ($)

Quiosque da Vila ($)


Caloura has the best weather on the island and has a great outdoor restaurant option.  Vila Franca and Lagoa along the South Coast are a good option if you want to stop for lunch if you’re taking the long way back from Furnas.

Bar Caloura ($$)

Restaurante Borda D‘Agua ($$)

Queijadas da Vila Factory ($)



Most São Miguel hotels, especially the nicer ones, include a breakfast with your stay (but most smaller hotels usually don’t start serving breakfast until 8 or 8:30am).   Look for bolo lêvedo, a round english muffin-shaped sweet bread that is out of this world – toast it and put jam and butter on it if you can.

It’s harder to find a restaurant in Ponta Delgada (and all of São Miguel) that has a sit down breakfast.  Instead, visit one of the many awsome Portuguese bakeries.  Order a cafe (they’ll bring an espresso unless you specify otherwise) and just point to the tasty treats you want to try.  If you can’t find a bakery, many bars (also called “snack bars”)  offer coffee in the morning and get baked goods fresh from the local bakery. The selection is smaller but they often have outdoor seating so you can sit and watch the locals start their mornings.

Be prepared for the fact that to-go coffee doesn’t really exist.  One of the few places is Natur, a frozen yogurt shop in Ponta Delgada, they have both coffee and tea to-go.


Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner at São Miguel restaurants are later than in the U.S.  They’re the busiest around 2pm and 9pm. You need to make reservations for most Ponta Delgada restaurants we’ve listed and some of the other popular ones if it’s the summer or a weekend all year round.  Some answer email, but your best bet is to call.  If you’re in the U.S., pay for a small credit on Skype and you can call cheaply (link to .  But be prepared to call a few times, restaurants often don’t answer their phones, especially if they’re busy.

Restaurants don’t overbook though, so if there are no reservations, try walking in a bit later and they may have a table.  Most restaurants are closed on Sunday so make sure you make reservations that night at a restaurant that’s open.

Like at many European restaurants, meals are not a rushed affair.  The helicopter waiters just don’t exist and service at São Miguel restaurants is not usually a priority.  You’ll have to flag down your waiter to order another bottle of wine and you’ll never get a check brought to you without asking.  Ever.  But at some of the nicer Ponta Delgada restaurants, they are trying to work on service, but it’s a work in progress.  So our advice is to learn to enjoy the slower pace and don’t be afraid to politely waive your hand and make a request.

We’re not usually fans of the buffet, but they’re popular with locals and a good way to try a variety of local dishes. A restaurant with a buffet may be your best option if you’re outside Ponta Delgada, Furnas or Ribeira Grande.

You’ll always find seafood and steak at restaurants.  Although there are exceptions, restaurants seem to cook steaks more rare than in the U.S., so if you like it cooked a certain way, show a picture. It’s the opposite for Tuna steaks, especially more traditional restaurants have not mastered the rare tuna.  Vegetarian options are limited and salads, with a few excepts, are pretty basic. Bread is usually extra but it’s usually cheap and homemade.  There are more cows than people so the butter and cheese is awesome.

We hope you’re now equipped to choose amongst the best Ponta Delgada restaurants and find good options on the rest of São Miguel island. Don’t forget to check out our free guide and map if you want details on all the restaurants and to see all the Ponta Delgada restaurants on a Google Map.  Or check out the Travel Honey São Miguel itinerary for a day-by-day guide with awesome activities and nearby restaurants.

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