Azores 7 Day Itinerary and Map: What to do in Sao Miguel


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Summary of What to do in Sao Miguel – Click button above to download detailed itinerary & map!

This Sao Miguel itinerary covers exactly what to do in Sao Miguel, including awesome hiking, spectacular scenery, hot springs and amazing meals. Katy, the Travel Honey Contributor, has spent over two months on Sao Miguel island, so this resulting itinerary will tell you the best things to do in Sao Miguel in  7 Days.  She stayed 4 nights in Ponta Delgada and 2 nights in Furnas.  This São Miguel Itinerary includes all the São Miguel highlights, including Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, and Lagoa das Furnas and many tasty restaurants.  This Azores Itinerary is on-the-go in that there is usually at least one hike every day, but if you want a slower-paced trip, you can choose to skip some of the hikes, take more siestas and spend more time in the hot springs!

Why Visit São Miguel Island in the Azores?

Katy chose São Miguel island in the Azores, because it’s easy to get to from Boston, she likes the outdoors and the pictures she’d seen were spectacular.  She also knew from other trips that Portugal was extremely affordable, especially the delicious food and wine!

Here’s a preview of what to do in Sao Miguel in 7 Days from Katy:

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 1

We arrived early and decided to get going and siesta later.  We saw tea plantations, had a delicious lunch, did an urban trek in the afternoon then enjoyed a tasty dinner with a nice view.  🐾 Day 1 Transport: We drove about 25 min from Sao Roque to the tea plantations and circled back to the restaurant on the way back and then parked for our urban trek.  Once home, we later walked 20 min to dinner.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 2

Start the day with a hike through the forest, enjoy a quality lunch with locals then finish up the day with a hike to Lago do Fogo, a visit to a hot spring and a vegetarian meal so tasty, you won’t miss meat.  🐾 Day 2 Transport: We drove about 20 min from Sao Roque to the hike, then drove about 20 min into Ponta Delgada for lunch.  We checked in to Out of the Blue, parking in the lot down the street.  It was another 30 minute drive to Lago do Fogo and about 10 minutes to Caldeira Velha hot springs and waterfalls.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 3

We left at early to see the spectacular Sete Cidades viewpoints, this is a must on your São Miguel  visit. There are 3 viewpoint options, which I rank below.  We also made it to Termas da Ferraria at low tide to relax in hot springs in an ocean!  We enjoyed a tasty lunch in Ponta Delgada and then wandered and siesta’d in the early evening to prepare for a fabulous dinner and night out.  🐾  Day 3 Transport: We drove about 30 min from Ponta Delgada to the Miradouro da Vista do Rei viewpoint of Sete Cidades, then drove 10 minutes to the town of Sete Cidades. It was another 15 minutes to Ponta da Ferraria then 40 minutes if you go straight back on the coast (add another 10 if you go back through Sete Cidades). Everything is close in Ponta Delgada, so it’s easy to walk.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 4

We did about a 1.5 mile hike in the northwest then had lunch nearby. After lunch, we did another short coastal hike in the north as part of our hike/wine tasting tour with our awesome Minuvida Experiences.  We headed back to Ponta Delgada for a low-key dinner.  🐾 Day 4 Transport: It’s about a 45 minute drive on EN1-1A from Ponta Delgada to the Atalho dos Vermelhos Hike in Joao Bom via the north coast and 50 minutes via the south coast (add 10 min. if you’re still trying to see Sete Cidades in the sun!).  It was about a 20 minute drive from the hike to lunch, 10 minutes to the second hike, 10 minutes to the wine tasting and 20 minutes back to Ponta Delgada.  Dinner was a short walk.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 5

We headed to Furnas, enjoyed a hike, a cozido lunch then a relaxing hot springs.  🐾 Day 5 Transport: Furnas is about a 45 minute drive from Ponta Delgada via the north coast and 50 minute drive via the south coast.  Lagoa das Furnas is less than a 10 minute drive from Furnas center.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 6

Head to the southeast coast for a short hike to a waterfall then to the far east coast for lunch.  Stop at some lovely Miradouros on your return to Furnas.  Have a lazy afternoon in the thermal pools then a tasty dinner at the Furnas Boutique Hotel. 🐾 Day 6 Transport: A 30 minute drive from Furnas to the hike at Faial Da Terra, another 40 minutes up the east coast to Nordeste for lunch.  Returning, it’s about a 10 minute drive to Miradouro da Ponta da Madrugada, 5 more minutes to Miradouro da Ponta do Sossego then 45 minutes back to Furnas.

What to do in Sao Miguel – Day 7

The Lagoa das Furnas viewpoint is a must on your visit to São Miguel .  Get there early before any tour busses (before 9am) then hike down.  If you want to try another hot spring, bring a swimsuit and stop at Poa da Dona Beija on your way back. Most hotel checkouts are at 12pm, so you’ll have time to go back and shower. Or just do the pools at the hotel. If you didn’t catch Lagoa das Furnas in the sun, the viewpoint is on the way to the airport, so you have another shot! 🐾 Day 7 Transport: The viewpoint is about a 10 minute drive from town and Furnas is a 45 minute drive to the airport

Don’t forget to download the full itinerary and map to know exactly what to do in Sao Miguel!