Pico Island Azores: Ultimate 6 Day Itinerary and Map


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Summary of the Pico Island Azores 6 Day Itinerary – Click button above to download detailed itinerary & map!

This itinerary is for Katy’s 5 night/6 day affordable adventure to Pico Island Azores, full of hiking, breathtaking scenery, wine tasting and tasty meals. She stayed 3 nights on the west end of the island and two nights on the east.  This is a medium paced itinerary with an option for a hike and sightseeing each day.  Pico is an reasonably-priced destination, so you won’t break the bank.

For the full 19 page itinerary and map, which includes lots more details on restaurants, lodging and activities, also includes tops of tips for Pico, including tips on Azores Airlines, what to pack, arrival, spending, hiking, eating/drinking, etc.

Why go to Pico Island Azores?

Katy had already spent a week in Sao Miguel and wanted to venture to another island.  Pico is the second largest island, so there seemed like enough to do for 5 days, including hiking Mount Pico and wine tasting.

Here’s a preview of the 6 days on Pico Island Azores from Katy:

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 1

Arrive in the morning, check-in, eat breakfast and take a siesta if needed. Head out for an easy hike along the coast.  Then enjoy a leisurely lunch and a lava cave tour in the afternoon.  Come back, relax and then do sunset drinks and dinner.  🐾 Day 1 Transport:  Pick up your rental car and drive about 10-15 minutes to Pico da Alma.  The hike is about a 15 minute drive from Pico da Alma and lunch is near the end of the hike.  The lava tube is about another 15 minute drive.  From the lava tube, it’s a 15 minute drive back to Pico da Alma. Cella Bar is about a 7 minute drive from Alma do Pico.

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 2

After a tasty breakfast, head inland to the lakes region if the weather is nice. Enjoy lunch in a new stylish restaurant in Sao Roque do Pico, stop in at the whaling Museum, then return back for wine tasting in the afternoon. Enjoy a tasty Italian dinner. 🐾 Day 2 Transport:  Lagoa do Capitoa is about a 25 minute drive and it’s about another 30 minute drive if you make it to Lagoa do Peixinho.  Sao Roque for lunch is about a 15 minute ride from Lagoa do Capitoa  and Sao Roque is about a 25 minute drive from Alma do Pico.  Epico tour picked us up from Alma do Pico.

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 3

After another tasty breakfast, hike the south coast to lunch and then to explore Lajes do Pico.  Grab provisions for hiking the next day.  Head back to Pico da Alma for a siesta, then to dinner at Ancoradouro. 🐾 Day 3 Transport:  The start of the hike is about a 30 minute drive from Madalena and Lajes do Pico is about a 15 minute drive if you head back to the car after the hike.  Lages do Pico is about a 40 minute drive from Madalena.

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 4

Get up early, check-out and head to Mount Pico. After your hike, head east end of the island and check into O Zimbreiro. 🐾 Day 4 Transport:  The Mount Pico visitor center is about a 30 minute drive and O Zimbreiro is a little over an hour from Mount Pico. Dinner is a 25 foot walk!

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 5

Enjoy a delicious breakfast then head out for a hike on the nearby south coast.  Eat lunch by the water the relax in the afternoon.  Dinner is just down the road.  🐾 Day 5 Transport: The hike is only a 10 minute drive from O Zimbreiro and lunch is right near the start of the hike. Dinner is a 5 minute drive from O Zimbreiro.

What to do ion Pico Island Azores – Day 6

After breakfast, if you have time, fit in a short hike on the north coast before you head out.   🐾 Day 6 Transport: The Baja das Canas hike is about a 30 minute drive from O Zimbreiro, and the hike is about 30 minutes from Caffe 5 and Caffe 5 is 15 minutes from the airport.